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2050 Resin UVR

Why 2050 Resin UVR, what do we offer that others don't?

15 Year Product Guarantee

2050Resin UVR is manufactured to ISO9001comes with a 15-year product guarantee and is the perfect binder for resin bound installations.

1:1 Mix

All our resin bound is mixed in equal parts, we don’t reduce the more expensive part B (hardener) to achieve a cheaper cost, we always put quality first, while maintaining our competitiveness.

No Catalyst Required.

We pre-catalyse 2050Resin UVR, avoiding any on-site mixing errors.

No Sand Required

The resin systems we supply are strong and durable and do not require any sand in the mix.

"When you buy 2050 Resin UVR, you buy quality and assurance"

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