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ECODECK 40 The Permeable Tough Plastic Grids Suitable for Gravel Filling.

Ground reinforcement grids are made from recycled toughened eco-friendly plastic and provide gravel grid surface stability achieving S.U.D.S compliant permeable surfaces & helping the environment and reduce ocean pollution at the same time.Not only is this hugely beneficial, it also massively reduces the chance of floods. Ecodeck preventing floods therefore complies with the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010 which encourages the use of permeable surfaces to mitigate against flooding, and so fully compliant with the S.U.D.S REGULATIONS – sustainable urban drainage systems.

ECOPARK is a 50x50x4cm grids, suitable for various domestic to light industrial surface reinforcement applications. The permeable large open cell structure design of the ECOPARK allows for larger diameter stone gravel infill as well as a soil and grass seed finish. The ECOPARK open cell structure also prevents lateral migration and disruption of the infill material whilst still maintaining a neat and compact stable surface finish. Suitable for 10-30mm angular stone gravel or soil and grass seed infill it is also part of our permeable paving range as it complies with the S.U.D.S. regulations, (sustainable urban drainage solutions).

A built-in anti-migration cell bottom lattice, specially designed to prevent downwards gravel movement through vibration & vehicle traffic.

Anti-gravel movement ribs, to reduce gravel migrating up & away even on sloped surfaces.Cell-wall topped anti slip nodules, giving added vehicle wheel grip & importantly pedestrian grip for shoes on the top surface.

Each grid side has v-force male to female fixings to create a strong attachment for every grid to grid connection.

The 7x7 rows of grid cells is the proven perfect grid formation in our opinion for gravel reinforcement to be the most effective. To encase & compact the chosen infill gravel / material.

Suitable for rough & smooth gravels from 10mm - 30mm to comfortably bed into the cells.

5% permeable & complies with S.U.D.S. regulations (sustainable urban drainage regulations).

Complies with the flood & water management act 2010.

UV stable recycled injection moulded plastic.

Compression tested to a minimum 500 tonne / sqm load test rating.

Suitable for domestic & industrial use & application.

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