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Can a new driveway add value to your property

new driveway on front of house Birmingham – Following a study, found a driveway could add 10% to the property value, with the average UK property costing £237,000 (July 2018).

Property expert Phil Spencer (location location location) – Creating a parking space could add as much as £50,000 to the value of a property in a prime city area where parking is a premium.

We could list many more, they all seem to be between 5-10%, even if we go with a low 5%, with the average driveway costing £5,000, if your property is worth £100,000, it’s a 100% return on investment.

Kerb Appeal

I’m afraid it’s a fact, your home is judged by “kerb appeal”, everyone does it, you do it every time you walk up your drive, it either fills you with dread or pleasure. We all discuss the weeds in the block paving, the cracked concrete and the tarmac breaking up, this confirms a well-constructed, low maintenance aesthetically pleasing driveway is something that you value as a good investment.

What type of drive adds the best value?

When looking at types of surfacing, ask yourself if it can achieve the following

. Low maintenance

. Hard wearing

. Elegant

. Porous

. Doesn’t require planning permission

The only product to achieve all points is Resin Bound


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