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Buying with Confidence

Purchasing a resin bound surface shouldn’t be treated any different to any other purchase, ask yourself-Is it good value and does it have a warranty, that reflects the value and expected lifespan.

“You wouldn’t spend £50 on a kettle that doesn’t have a written warranty, so why would you consider spending thousands of pounds on a driveway with a company that doesn’t document this at the deposit stage.”


If any of these points apply to your chosen contractor, alarm bells should be ringing;

They operate from a mobile number

They have no proved business address

They only give a verbal quote

They only deal in cash

They are cheaper than others

“would you purchase a £50 kettle from this contractor”

Contract your purchase

Once you have a company that you are confident in, ask them to create a contract based on all agreed points and request in writing, photographic proof that agreed points have been achieved at the end of the project.


Do not be put off by a company that charges you VAT, it proves:

They are a legitimate company

They achieve sales of over £85,000 per year

When the average price of a driveway is £7,000, a company not charging VAT either only completes 12 driveways per year or is a “ghost” when it comes to tax.

“look at the 20% VAT as an assurance that can help you buy with 100% confidence”


Request a 10-year warranty agreement at contract stage, this may be based on achieving certain maintenance targets, a bit like a new car warranty insisting on service targets being adhered too.

“ No warranty= an expensive gamble”


A resin bound driveway can last for over 20 years if maintained correctly, a good installation company will offer an annual maintenance which will perform the following every 12 months:

. Weed treatment

. Wash, polish and vacuumed

. Regrip

. Reseal


Request in writing the companies approved methods and material for you to use between annual maintenance.

Maintenance cost

Request in writing the companies maintenance costs, this should only be around £250 per year for an average size drive.

“Everyone spends time on their driveway, why not let the professionals do this and achieve a warranty”


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