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Replacing a block paved surface with resin bound

Replacing an existing block paved driveway with resin is not only straight forward, its very cost effective, as your existing block paving is 60mm deep, the ideal depth for our eco-park grid and resin finish.

“What if we have areas that have sunk”

If you have areas that have sunk over the years, due to a poor base, we can repair these, because you have driven on this area for many years, you can be sure it’s not going to get any worse and a simple infill and compaction from us, will remove this problem, leaving you with a level finished surface.

“Can I keep my existing edge stones”

You can either keep your existing edge or replace with new, either way is easy and if you are happy with your edge, retaining it is an ideal way to save some money on your project.

“How long would it take to complete a project”

We can have your driveway ready to use within a day, due to our eco park grid. Even without its finished resin layer, eco park is a perfect driving surface, able to take over 500 tonne/m2.

“Does this method greatly reduce the cost”

Yes, we can achieve a 50% saving on a full driveway install.


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