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A Simple Guide To Purchasing a Resin Bound Driveway

Driveway in front of Birmingham house

All you want as a customer is the delivery of a long-lasting elegant surface, as promised. Below, we highlight important points that will help you achieve just that and avoid the misery of a poor surface.

The Contractor

When purchasing any surface, make sure you have a contract stating exactly what you are purchasing.

Does your contractor provide a handover file, documenting the complete install and providing photographic evidence of the standard achieved?

Ensureyour warranty is documented, not just a flimsy promise, ask for an example?

Can they provide a previous customer as a reference?

The Base

Good foundations can only be achieved with soil removed to the correct depth and infilled with quality hardcore, although expensive, there can be no compromise.

Good foundations are vital, to avoid issues in the future.

Driveway showing the foundations


Do they provide good quality materials at the correct ratios?

The easiest way for a contractor to cut costs is to reduce the amounts or quality of materials.

Ensure the stone is kiln dried and does not arrive on site damp, due to poor storage.

Ensure the resin is mixed as a 50/50; the part B of the mix is almost 3 times more expensive as the part A, so when reduced to a 60/40 ratio, huge savings can be made, this will result in long term problems.

Ensure you resin drive is being laid at 18mm, not 15mm; 15mm is not enough, it only achieves great cost savings to the installer, you get a poor surface.

Do they use concrete or tarmac as a mid-section?

These are very common methods but any issue on this layer, will result in a problem with the resin, a crack in the concrete will become a crack in the resin. These methods also cause installers to address adhesion issues with a primer to ensure the resin layer doesn’t start floating.

Finally, ensure you can challenge the contractor long after the project is complete, this can only be achieved with a contracted sale.

At 2050Resin, we avoid all the above issues because;

We build a contract with you, for your protection, we always provide a handover file, complete with photo evidence and a 10-year warranty (based on agreed maintenance).

We only use our own resin, in a 1/1 ratio, we donot reduce the expensive hardener to compete on price.

All our stone is supplied kiln dried and brought to site on the day of install, others have the stone delivered, leaving it open to the elements.

We use a 40mm recycled plastic grid, this is superior to both tarmac and concrete because;

Concrete and tarmac create very high carbon output in their production process.

It allows a true porous surface, allows to spread the loadings (500 tonne m2) and removes the risk of issues arising from poor concrete or tarmac installation.

“beware of a bargain, resin bound is a quality option, not a cheap option”


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