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A Solid Base Is Vital

Eco deck as part of new driveway

The most important part of any surface is everything you can’t see, that make up the foundations, if they are poor, your finished surface will be poor.


Some companies give a constant depth to a sub-base, without proper assessment but, with “virgin” dirt at one end of the spectrum, which needs at least 250mm of hardcore, to an existing “hard ground”, at the otherwe feel it’s best to use the knowledge of an experienced surveyor, at 2050Resin, we test, document and deliver exactly what is needed, for every individual project.


While others use concrete or tarmac, at 2050Resin we aim for both a low carbon and a porous approach, which cannot be achieved with either of these. Ourlow carbon, environmental alternative is Eco-park 40 grid, a 100% recycled plastic, strong enough to handle over 500 tonne/m2. Once filled and compacted with aggregate, it provides a perfect SuDS compliant surface, to lay our resin finish


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