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How much does a new driveway cost

This is a bad base for a driveway, poor base, poor levels, poor edge stones and can be as cheap as your willing to negotiate, these installers will do anything to win the job and they will be the only WINNERS.

Ask yourself some questions before you negotiate:

If they are ¬£1,000 cheaper than a reputable firm, how can they achieve it…. they wont be reducing their profit, nobody works for nothing and the labour is a constant cost. The only way is a saving on material, either amounts used or quality, which brings to mind the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

Eco deck as part of new driveway

This is a great base and this is why we charge more than the “bargain basement brigade”, solid clean edges on a good base with a supported edge, good hardcore, a screed level, our own eco-park 40 grid which can handle 500 tonnes/m2 and finished with a 10mm aggregate, which is compacted…. all of this is preparation, all of this is never seen but its a minimum requirement to build a surface that will last.

Once our base is complete, then we lay 18mm of resin¬† using a 7.4Kg mix with our kiln dried stone….to cut costs, others lay at 15mm, use a 6.4Kg mix and use inferior stone.

If you cant afford the cost of a correct installation, cut your project size to suit your budget, maybe spread it over a couple of years, fitting a workable area first and applying the resin when you can, otherwise you may regret your decision.

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