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Driveway Install Scammers In Birmingham

In the last week, I have been to several homes where customers have been blatantly scammed by workmen taking huge amounts of money to install driveways and disappearing, before completion. The police have been informed but have stated, “they have not broken the law, as its a civil matter”.

Here’s how they work  and what to look out for:

Once the price is agreed, they rip out your drive, spend one day putting in some edge stones and dropping a few ton of useless cheap hardcore, then take another hung chunk of money and you never see them again.

How to avoid this;

Look at our “buying with confidence” blog, never give a deposit to someone who only exists on a mobile phone number, never let your contractor get ahead of payments and always remember “buy cheap and you will buy twice.

All these customers found these so called workmen on well known sites you would look at to find reputable builders, DO NOT PRESUME THEY ARE REPUTABLE BECAUSE THEY ARE ON THESE SITES, THEY CAN CREATE A VERY GOOD FRONT, WITHOUT SUBSTANCE.


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