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The Perfect Driveway


Hard wearing, long lasting, environmentally friendly driveways that are built to last

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2050 Resin

Resin Driveway Installers Birmingham, West Midlands

The perfect modern surface that works with the environment, not against it.

Resin bound driveways are beautiful and hard wearing due to the way the resin binds together small stones to form a firm, decorative surface area.

2050 Resin will assist you to achieve an advanced, attractive, hard-wearing surface, incorporating the very best of other surfaces, without all the negatives, its:

driveway leading to side of house
Resin driveway at front of house
Driveway in front of garage

2050 Resin allows the formation of numerous little air pockets that enable water to drain through into the ground beneath, avoiding a run off of water, a common problem with all surfaces, this is the reason it achieves the Sustainable Urban Drainage criteria (SUD's),eliminating the need for planning permission.

2050 Resin is a modern, durable environmentally friendly alternative to all other options. An appealing low maintenance surface, in a choice of colours that will last for years.

2050 Resin promise you an amazing experience from survey to completion, you will be in the safe hands with our unique 10-point installation process, the framework of your handover file which gives you photographic proof of every critical part of the formation of your surface.


Our 10-point installation process

At 10 critical stages, throughout the project, we check, photograph and document pre-determined points, which form the customer handover pack.

Only with an handover pack, containing evidence of the installation, can you be sure that what you have agreed, is exactly what you get, we build the project cost around what we agree with the customer, not the project around the cost agreed

Is it expensive?

On a like for like basis, we compete with most installers, who do not cut down on required product amounts, the only way to ensure you are getting those correct amounts is to have the project documented for your referance. Your resin bound surface is a big investment, don’t settle for a price that works at the expense of quaility.


Driveways by Resin Type

wheel of a car on resin ecodeck gravel

The Permeable Tough Plastic Grids Suitable for Gravel Filling.

A resin UVR driveway
2050 Resin UVR

Manufactured to ISO9001and ISO14001 giving the highest performance in the resin bound industry

Grantex aggregates drive

Natural coloured aggregates functional and aesthetic finishes for all industry sectors.


It's All In The Materials

Quality Resin - At 2050 Resin, we only provide our own UV stable resin in equal amounts of resin to hardener, unlike others that reduce the expensive hardener, in order to reduce costs, producing an inferior, weakened product.

Quality Stone - We only use Grantex stone the UK’s leading supplier of dried aggregate into the resin industry, a partnership we are proud to promote.

Quality Grid - We only use Eco-park 40 grid system, its amazingly strong (tested to 500 tonnes/m2), unlike some products that break when exposed to use, it’s also 100% recycled plastic.

"As suppliers to the trade, you can trust our products to perform exactly as promised, allowing you to enjoy your surface for years to come"


Coton House Rugby

From a field to a 440m2 " in and out " driveway at the beautiful Coton House in Rugby

More Images from Coton House

12 Reasons Why You Should Only Use 2050 Resin Trade Supplies

1) We only supply our own 2050UV resin

2) Our 2050UV resin is mixed in equal amounts, unlike some competitors who reduce the expensive component to achieve a cheaper product, we always put quality and longevity before cost

3) We don't sell non-UV Resins, which will fade over time

4) Our stones are kiln dried and prepacked Grantex by our supplier

5) All Grantex stone is supplied to you with recorded batch numbers, removing the chance of colour variations

6) We don't lay on a non-permeable base such as concrete, we use our Eco-park 40 grid, which can take a 500 tonne/m2 and is made from 100% recycled plastic

7) Our surveyor (we don't use salesmen) will create a design based on your choice and email you a project cost, for you to respond to when you are ready

8) When you decide to proceed with the project, we form a contract for your protection, detailing everything that you require

9) Our installation teams are all trained by us to achieve a live project 10-point target, that allows us to control the quality of every project

10) We don't install if the temperature is lower than 5 degrees or higher than 30 degrees, others do, risking the chance of issues

11) We don't ask for cash deposits, we only take deposits online, to protect you - 25% deposit, 50% when materials arrive and the remainder on project handover

12) We offer a 10-year warranty based on an annual maintenance service that will allow you the comfort of enjoying your surface way past the warranty period

"The perfect package to create a perfect surface"

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